Commercial Environmental Initiatives

Grow Your Business and Conserve Florida's Resources
Commercial Fertilizer Applicators need a vehicle decal for proof of training. Request yours at

Request a presentation on Fertilizer Management Ordinance Compliance.
Retailers and Applicators have new requirements under the revised Fertilizer Management Ordinance Chapter 15, Article XVII.

We assist businesses in understanding environmental regulations and learning how to operate more efficiently. This FREE service is open to any Orange County businesses.

Free Site Assessments

Services include the following, but not limited to:

  • Answering questions about hazardous waste identification and management, stormwater control and pond maintenance, air quality and emissions, and other environmental regulations that apply to your operations
  • Training your employees – at your office or another location if needed, full day, partial day, or short meetings
  • Identifying areas where money is being wasted on energy, water, or waste, and showing possible solutions (most of the time we can calculate return on investment)
  • Performing compliance audits of your processes to determine possible regulatory concerns to address

Recycling and Composting

Is your business recycling? If not, you are throwing away money and are also out of compliance with Orange County Code 32-163. We can help you with the following strategies:


Utilize federal, state, and local rebates, incentives, and resources that reward energy and water conservation practice. Our P2 Program coordinator is happy to help you find available incentives. For more information refer to these links:

Track Your Success

Smart Purchasing

There are several useful tools available to help your company report success in conserving resources:

Florida Green Lodging

Buying local supplies that avoid overuse, decrease waste disposal, and/or increase operating efficiencies can save your business money.

Green Destination Orlando

Learn how to make Florida Green Lodging a success at your hotel, motel, timeshare, or bed and breakfast. Get one-on-one help with the application, implementation, and audit. Florida Green Lodging participants reduce costs on their electricity, water, and garbage bills. Get the credibility to capture the rapidly growing green travel market

Apply for Florida Green Lodging Designation

Find Orange County Recognized Properties

Join the Green Destination Orlando (GDO) mission to make Orlando an example of sustainable travel from arrival at the airport, through staying in our lodging facilities, eating at our restaurants, traveling around the area, until they leave for home. Visit Green Destination Orlando for more information.

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