Inmate Programs

Our inmate programs serve as part of a community solution aimed at crime reduction.

Reduction of Recidivism:

Developing and providing comprehensive educational programs by implementing evidence-based practices to deter future criminal behavior.

Community Partnerships:

Seek out partnerships with community and faith-based providers in developing meaningful programs and transitional services to promote offenders’ re-entry into the community.

Programs offered:

ABE/GED and Adult Literacy
Life Skills

Vocational Training
Substance Abuse Education

Veteran’s Services
Parenting and Fatherhood

Cognitive Behavioral Change
Individual case management


Contact information- Programs Unit:

Phone: (407) 836-8614
P.O. Box 4970
Orlando, FL. 32839

Contact information- Volunteer Services:

Phone: (407) 836-3637
Volunteer Handout PDF

Chaplain Ministries:

The Orange County Corrections Department is committed to providing a wide variety of religious and faith-based programs to meet the spiritual needs of the inmate population. The variety of programming also supports their faith-based education and transition to the community.

Chaplains also communicate with inmates and their families in case of emergency, such as grave illness or death in the immediate family.

Contact information- Chaplain Ministries:

  • Orange County Jail Ministries Incorporated - (407) 836-3330 or
  • Good News Jail and Prison Ministries - (407) 836-3667 or
  • The Spanish Jail Ministry - (407) 836-3569 or
  • Through these ministries, the department makes every effort to meet the spiritual and religious needs of all inmates regardless of their faith or choice of religion.

    Programs offered:
    Work Release Center

    Life Skills

    Employability Skills
    Scholarship Application Assistance

    Financial Literacy
    In-2 Work

    Drug Court
    Faith-based Services
    HIV/AIDS Education and Testing


    Contact information-Work Release

    Phone: (407) 836-4400

    To contact us via the U.S. Postal Service, mail your letter to:

    Orange County Corrections Department
    P.O. Box 4970
    Orlando, FL 32802-4970