Orange County Government, Florida
10 March 2016
Orange County’s Community Wellness Fairs
Highlight Healthy Living
[L-R] Acting Manager Kelly Deutsch and Yessica Colon from Orange County’s Mosquito Control Division with District 4 Commissioner Jennifer Thompson helped educate citizens about mosquito-borne illnesses at the Community Wellness Fair.

Orange County District 3 Commissioner Pete Clarke and District 4 Commissioner Jennifer Thompson recently hosted citizens at Orange County’s Community Wellness Fair, an initiative created by Mayor Teresa Jacobs to increase awareness for wellness and healthy living in Central Florida.

The free event, held at the Renaissance Senior Center, was the first in a series of five to be held throughout the County as part of Mayor Jacobs’ health and wellness initiative. The health fair was attended by dozens of Orange County citizens and provided participants with tips for healthy living, information on local wellness resources, free health and fitness screenings, CPR classes, healthy cooking demonstrations, a Zumba class, and much more.

“It is of upmost importance to provide our citizens the tools and resources to stay healthy and safe,” said District 3 Commissioner Pete Clarke. “Our residents enjoyed visiting with our various health care and public safety professionals and kids had plenty of fun and educational activities to participate in.”

District 4 Commissioner Jennifer Thompson echoed those sentiments.

“These health fairs are a great way to showcase the many services available through Orange County and our many community partners,” Commissioner Thompson said. “I truly enjoyed the Zumba demonstration. The instructor was amazing and is very connected to our community.”

In addition to fun activities, various offices, including the Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit, Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization Division, Orange County Parks and Recreation, Fire Rescue, Mosquito Control, Environmental Protection Division, Drug Free Coalition, 311 and Animal Services, provided citizens with information on the local resources the County provides to the region.

“Our focus is to educate Orange Citizens on how to be healthy and the many resources and tools available to them in order to live a healthy lifestyle,” said Carol Burkett, director of Orange County’s Coalition for a Drug Free Community. “Orange County Commissioners will be presenting these free wellness fairs within the next few months throughout the County and encourage all residents and their families to attend.”

The next Orange County Community Wellness Fair will be held in April. A collection of photos from the Community Wellness Fair are available on Flickr.