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03/28/2016 Orange County Salutes Central Florida Disability Chamber Of Commerce’s Veterans Business Initiative Program
Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs recently joined the Central Florida Disability Chamber of Commerce for its annual Veterans Business Initiative, which provides Veterans and their spouses entrepreneurship advice, employment and continuing education opportunities.
03/28/2016 Heroin Epidemic
"As I testified before Congress, too many prescription drug abusers have found an inexpensive and too often deadly alternative in heroin. As recommended by our Heroin Task Force, the life-saving drug naloxone needs to be more accessible - and without a prescription - as well as available at a reasonable cost. I applaud the Governor and Legislature for their efforts. This bill will surely save lives." – Teresa Jacobs, Orange County Mayor
03/28/2016 Orange County Expands Citizen Engagement Through Hispanic Outreach
Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs recently met with several local Hispanic media outlets and reporters of Latin American descent to expand outreach into multicultural communities and to showcase the services that Orange County provides to citizens.
03/25/2016 Orange County Expands Technology And Social Media Workgroup And Launches Instagram
Orange County’s Technology and Social Media Workgroup met recently with Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs to discuss emerging technologies and how to better engage Millennials in their government. The gathering also celebrated the launch of Orange County’s new Instagram page.
03/25/2016 All Signs Point To Orange County
The signs are everywhere in Orange County. From shiny, red stop signs to speed limits and custom street signs, the Orange County Sign Shop has played a significant role in directing citizens and keeping traffic flowing since 1977.
03/24/2016 Orange County Animal Services Partners With LoveyLoaves Rescue To Treat Shelter Dogs With Heartworm Disease
Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) has teamed up with Healing Hearts, a community outreach program sponsored by LoveyLoaves Rescue, to provide life-saving treatment for heartworm positive dogs and increase their chances of being adopted.