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Workplace Challenge

Green Workplaces

Challenge your organization to make a change and be recognized for moving towards a greener future.

  • Employee Involvement & Community Outreach
  • Energy & Water
  • Waste & Consumption
  • Transportation

Reduce the environmental impacts of your operations and buildings by engaging property owners, managers, and tenants.

1. Property owners and managers: Benchmark the building’s energy use, water consumption and waste, and reduce those levels throughout the year.

2. Tenants: Change your workplace behaviors, policies and facilities to increase awareness of environmental issues, reduce energy use, water consumption and waste, and lower the greenhouse gas emissions from workplace-related transportation.

Healthy Workplaces

This challenge will recognize efforts of local businesses and organizations that make their work environment an easier place to be healthy while also encouraging all workplaces to join the goal of making Central Florida a healthier region. Specifically, participants will be following a “Prescription for a Healthier Workplace,” which focuses on:

  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Foods and Beverages
  • Active Transportation
  • Lactation Support
  • Tobacco Free Workplaces

Take an active role in promoting volunteer service inside and outside the workplace. Do your employees use their talents to help the less fortunate in our community? Involved Workplaces have written policies and provide resources, incentives and rewards for activities that help others.

Involved Workplaces

Improve your level of community engagement:

  • Create a culture of service in your workplace
  • Have a volunteer program or policy for your employees
  • Designate staff to organize volunteer activities
  • Implement a volunteer tracking system
  • Focus employee volunteer efforts
  • Post and promote community and volunteer projects
  • Award outstanding volunteers

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