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The Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Commission initially developed new strategies and initiatives to address the scourge of domestic violence in Orange County. The Commission examined the procedures and processes in domestic violence offenses, from the initial call to law enforcement through post sentencing. In 2015, the Commission expanded its focus—and its name— to include child abuse prevention because research indicates that 80 percent of women battered by their partners also have children who are abused.


The Orange County Domestic Violence Commission (DVC) was originally convened in 2005 by Honorable Belvin Perry, Jr., Chief Judge, and the late Honorable Lydia Gardner, Clerk of the Courts of Orange County. With the support of Perry and Gardner, Mayor Jacobs reconvened the Commission in February 2013 as a result of several tragic cases occurring in Orange County. The DVC is co-chaired by the Honorable Alice Blackwell, Circuit Judge with the Ninth Judicial Circuit, and Dick Batchelor, President of Dick Batchelor Management Group, Inc.

Commission members were comprised of elected officials in Orange County, criminal justice stakeholders, and community leaders/advocates who had expertise in the field of domestic violence. Six work groups were formed and over 70 individuals representing a diverse spectrum of the community, as well as survivors, participated in the work of the DVC. The Commission produced more than 60 recommendations for improvements to services for Orange County families impacted by domestic violence.

The Orange County Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Commission continues the critical work of the DVC while also working to protect our County's most vulnerable: our children. The Commission expanded its membership to include community leaders with expertise in the field of child abuse prevention.


All meetings are announced through public notices and Orange County’s website. Meetings are conducted via work groups and full commission.


The Commission acts in an advisory capacity.

Recommendations are presented to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners for final consideration.

  • The Commission produced more than 60 recommendations for improvements to services for Orange County families impacted by domestic violence. These recommendations are in the areas of sharing of information, process improvement, education, and data system improvements. Some are short-term goals that could be accomplished quickly and without a great deal of cost, while others are long-term goals that will need the sustained effort of many community partners.
  • After the Domestic Violence Commission issued its report in June of 2013, the Domestic Violence Implementation Workgroup was formed with the same membership from the Domestic Violence Commission. The Workgroup began the process of taking each recommendation and beginning the effort to implement each goal of the DVC. The Domestic Violence Implementation Workgroup continues to work on the recommendations and will continue to lead the way for our community to work to keep all people safe in their homes.


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The most recent meeting was held Feb. 16. Information regarding the next Commission meeting will be posted once announced.

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