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East-West - Segment 1 (Richard Crotty Parkway)


Orange County Orange County initiated the acquisition of some of the right-of-way that will be needed for the East West Road where early acquisition was feasible.

And now?

Construction will begin at a future date to be determined.

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Project Map (172KB) - Map showing the location of the project in Orange County.

Project Schedule Timeline (22KB)

East Orange County Transportation Needs Study - The purpose of the East Orange County Transportation Needs Study was to identify, evaluate and prioritize feasible roadway improvements that will accommodate projected traffic within East Orange County.

What Is An RCA?

“RCA” stands for Roadway Conceptual Analysis. It’s the process through which Orange County confirms the need to improve a road. At the heart of all Orange County RCAs you’ll find a fascinating mixture of scientific data and feedback from residents. With the approval of the Board of County Commissioners, an RCA project moves forward with final design, right-of-way acquisition and construction.

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