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Solid Waste Integrated Resource Plan


This project will develop Phase I of a long-term Solid Waste Integrated Resource Plan (SWIRP) with the goal of ensuring that Orange County residents and visitors manage the target solid waste types in the most sustainable manner.

Target Waste Types

Class III and Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris solid waste that is generated within or transported into the County.

By definition in Florida Statute 403, Class III Waste includes, “Yard trash, construction and demolition debris, processed tires, asbestos, carpet, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, furniture other than appliances, or other materials approved by the Department [of Environmental Protection], that are not expected to produce leachate that poses a threat to public health or the environment.”

Who is Affected

You are a stakeholder in this process if you generate, transport, recycle, convert to energy, or dispose of the target waste types. This includes home builders and renovators, container rental and hauling companies, recyclers, transfer stations, and disposal sites. It also indirectly includes home buyers, neighbors of these facilities, recycled material users, and other interested parties concerned about economic, environmental, and quality of life impacts.

Process for Developing the Plan

The County will seek input and collaborate with stakeholders from the community. Options will be evaluated that can reduce the generation of wastes, increase recycling and resource recovery rates, apply technologies to convert wastes to renewable energy fuels, and/or ensure environmentally safe waste disposal. Project tasks will include:

  1. Project Management
  2. Kickoff Meeting with County
  3. Summary of Current Situation
  4. Vision, Guiding Principles, Goals (with Workshop)
  5. Meeting with County
  6. Alternatives & Recommendations (with Workshop)
  7. Recommendations (with Detailed Analysis)
  8. Meeting with County
  9. Final SWIRP (with BCC Presentation)

Funding Source

The Solid Waste Integrated Resource Plan (Zero Waste) project is one of eleven projects in Orange County being funded by the Department of Energy through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG).

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