CDBG-DR Action Plan

Orange County is currently developing a draft of the Action Plan for Disaster Recovery. The Plan provides a high-level strategy for how the funding will be used to address eligible communities' long-term resiliency and mitigation needs. The Action Plan is being developed with the input from County Departments and Divisions, local jurisdictions, advocacy groups and community partners, as well as citizens, to determine the remaining long-term resiliency needs and the most critical disaster mitigation needs.

A draft Action Plan will be made available here for a 30-day public comment period from Monday, December 11, 2023 to Thursday, January 11, 2024. After the required public comment period and a public hearing, the final Action Plan will be submitted to HUD for review and approval. The HUD's approval of the Orange County's CDBG-DR Action Plan is required before funds become available for programs and activities.

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