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The purpose of the Orange County ADA Office (Americans with Disabilities Act) is to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and, at the same time, heighten awareness of disability issues - both within County departments and within the community - in order to help provide persons with disabilities the opportunity to fulfill their greatest potential for independence and achievement.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 and has been amended (2008) to protect people with disabilities from discrimination in employment, transportation, public accommodations, telecommunications and other areas on the basis of one's disability. Learn more about the federal agencies that regulate and enforce accommodations.

Disability Advisory
Board (DAB)

The Board was created in October 1995 by the Board of County Commissioners to provide citizen input to the BCC regarding related life and living conditions affecting those in the disability community. In September 2008, the membership of the board was increased to nine at large representatives in order to promote awareness and greater objectivity in the performance of Advisory Board member duties.

The advisory board includes at least two persons living with a disability and one person who is a care giver to a family member with a disability and includes individuals that are professionals providing services to the disabled from the areas of transportation, healthcare, consumer services or any state or local agency. Input can include:

  • Address concerns of citizens with disabilities that relate to living conditions (personal care, communication, emergency preparedness, transportation, healthcare, accessibility, education, employment and housing
  • Encourage the hiring of citizens with disabilities who meet and demonstrate the job skills, training and experience necessary for gainful employment
  • Identify areas of collaboration and partnership for the delivery of services to citizens with disabilities, making recommendations to the BCC as needed
  • A problem associated with accessing public services or an accommodation
  • Developing awareness of the abilities of citizens with disabilities and to encourage community volunteerism
  • Provide community education forums related to the abilities and needs of citizens with disabilities

In order to promote greater objectivity in the performance of their duties, members of the Board are at-large representatives reflecting a representation from citizens affected by a diversity of disabilities or are working professionals providing services to the disabled. Board members serve as advisors to ensure that the needs of citizens with disabilities are provided.

The Disability Advisory Board meets the second Monday of each month at 2pm. One of the achievements of the Disability Advisory Board has been the Community Resource Directory which contains information identifying supporting agencies who can provide human services needed by persons with disabilities. See ADA Resource Directory.

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For more information please contact Family Services Department, Office of Disability Concerns/ADA.

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