Medical Examiner's Office

Everything you need to know


The District Nine/Twenty-Five Medical Examiner’s Office is part of the Florida state medical examiner system. We cover both Orange and Osceola Counties, encompassing about 2,229 square miles and approximately 1.5 million residents. The District Nine/Twenty-Five Medical Examiner’s Office is accredited by the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME).

The campus for the District Nine Medical Examiner’s office opened in October of 2009. It consists of consists of three separate building totaling 35,000 square feet. The administrative building houses reception, administration, in house transcription, in house ISS, and the doctors’ offices which include their own bathrooms and showers. The main morgue building has 10 custom designed morgue stations, 3 coolers, around the clock investigators, and a fully enclosed garage. The third building is a morgue designed for special autopsy situations, such as decomposition or infectious disease considerations as well as a designated forensic anthropology section. Our four morgue coolers can house over 150 decedents, plus we have a large garage bay with electrical hookups for three refrigerated 18-foot tractor trailers for extra body storage in the case of a mass disaster/fatality.

The Medical Examiner’s Office is run by the Medical Examiner. Additional personnel include one deputy chief medical examiner and five associate medical examiners, thirteen forensic investigators, seven forensic technicians and twelve administrative personnel. All of the medical examiners are board certified in anatomic pathology and forensic pathology. The office uses several consultants, including a forensic anthropologist, odontologist, entomologist, and a neuropathologist. The office also contracts with a certified laboratory for its forensic toxicology testing and histology work. The office also has state of the art technology including a NeuViz 16-slice CT scanner and an Anatomage 3D Visualization Table for rendering the CT data in easily viewable 3D images.

Employment Opportunities

Associate Medical Examiner

  • Starting salary will be based upon the board certifications, knowledge and experience of the individual selected.   Average salary currently for position is $244,296.
  • Signing bonus of $1,000.
  • Compensation package includes Florida Retirement System (Special Risk) participation, a voluntary deferred compensation plan, health, life, and disability insurance, and paid personal leave.   Note: The State of Florida does not have a state income tax.
  • Doctor’s renewal of medical license, dues and memberships paid by the county.
  • Doctor is given opportunities to attend in-state and out-of-state conferences paid by county.
  • Doctor is given opportunity to charge for expert testimony on civil cases if personal leave taken.
  • Doctor completes less than 325 autopsies per year.
  • Doctor has an assistant and the office has medical transcription in-house.