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Prescription Drug Task Force

Going After Prescription Drug Abuse

Orange County announced the formation of a Prescription Drug Task Force in July 2011 to address the escalating problem of prescription drug abuse in our community. The Task Force was charged to examine the extent of the prescription drug problem, conduct a review of state legislation and local ordinances and determine the need for substantive regulations for pain management clinics through a collaborative, multijurisdictional effort. 

The 18-member Prescription Drug Task Force tackles the issue of prescription drug abuse in Orange County. Chaired by former Mayor Richard T. Crotty and co-chaired by Dr. George Ralls, former Orange County Health Services Director, the task force is a collaborative effort of law enforcement, healthcare and pharmacy working with education and public policy.

Orange County’s Prescription Drug Task Force concluded its work on October 31, 2011. The Task Force met for four months and conducted an intense review of state law and local ordinances, enforcement actions and best practices to address this serious public health issue.

A Big Problem

In 2011, Florida led the nation in prescription drug misuse.

Florida practitioners purchased 41.2 million oxycodone pills during the first six months of 2010. All the other states combined purchased 4.8 million during the same time frame.

Proliferation of pain management clinics and access to home medicine cabinets have increased availability and diversion of dangerous narcotics.

In Florida, seven people die every day from the illegal, non-medical use of prescription drugs. In 2009, Orange County had approximately 100 prescription drug-related deaths claiming the youngest victim at age 15 and in 2010, the number rose to 146 prescription drug-related deaths.


Over the course of approximately three meetings, the Task Force will:

  • Examine the extent of the prescription drug problem
  • Review state legislation and local ordinances
  • Develop prevention strategies to educate and engage community stakeholders
  • Provide recommendations related to pain management clinics
  • Provide an action plan to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners

Task Force Recommendations

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