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Through INVEST, Orange County Fire Rescue will receive $30 million over the next five years to fund the following:

  • $18 million for three new fire stations;
  • $7 million for new fire apparatus and equipment; and
  • $5 million allocation as partial funding for a regional fire training facility.


The purpose of the new funding is to ensure the Orange County Fire Rescue Department has the ability to continue its industry-leading performance and deliver an exceptional service level to the citizens and visitors of Orange County.

New fire stations will facilitate rapid response in its highest-demand areas. Additional funding will enable firefighters and EMS personnel to respond to emergencies with care and safety using advanced equipment and the latest technologies. A new regional training center will provide an environment in which first responders receive the highest-quality training at a state-of-the-art facility. The center will serve as a regional asset.


Following the completion of a comprehensive Fire Station Location Study, site analysis and feasibility studies for the new fire station locations are underway. The Orange County Fire Rescue Department is in the process of procuring apparatus and equipment, as well as scheduling delivery dates to target areas. The department is in active discussion with partner agencies for the new regional training facility.

There are three fire stations proposed under the current INVEST program. They are:

  1. Fire Station 67
    Fire Station 67 will be located at University Boulevard and Lake Twylo Road. The property is owned by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) and is approximately two acres of land that is currently vacant. The design plans for this station are complete and have been submitted for permitting and bid solicitation. INVEST will provide $6.4 million in funding for the project, which has an estimated build completion date of Spring 2018.
  2. Fire Station 68
    A due diligence study was performed in 2016 at Goldenrod Road and Silver Point Boulevard to determine the feasibility of constructing a new fire station. The study concluded that the 2.5-acre land is suited for the construction of upcoming Fire Station 68. The land is in the final phase of acquisition.
  3. Fire Station 87
    A feasibility study is being conducted to review and evaluate a parcel of land located in east Orange County, for the development and construction of Fire Station 87. The 1.3-acre parcel located at Avalon Park and Crown Hill boulevards, currently owned by the Orange County School Board, offers an optimum site for fire service delivery for surrounding communities.
  • Apparatus and Equipment
    On October 1, 2016, the Orange County Fire Rescue Department placed 12 new rescue units into service. Three new rescues are now providing service at Station 33 (Apopka Vineland Rd), Station 35 (Winter Garden Vineland Rd), and Station 86 (Babbitt Ave), stations that did not have a rescue unit in service 24 hours a day previously. The availability of these new units on a round-the-clock basis allows Orange County to better serve the growing communities of southwest Orange County and Wedgefield, which is located near the eastern border of Orange County. The other nine new rescue units served as replacements for older units now placed in reserve.
  • Regional Training Facility
    In partnership with Valencia College and a diverse group of public safety partners, the vision for a world-class training facility has taken shape. The future campus will be a regional asset that provides unprecedented training opportunities for fire rescue departments, law enforcement agencies, private security companies and other public safety personnel.

    The initial stages of the training facility are already operational. This includes Orange County Fire Rescue’s virtual reality Incident Command Simulator, a high-tech system that places future fire service leaders in dynamic, challenging fire rescue scenarios so they can face a variety of real-world emergencies in a safe, testing environment prior to commanding an actual incident.

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