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There is a shortage of affordable housing for low and very low-income households in Orange County. Additionally, there is a tremendous need for working homeless families to gain access to affordable housing. Orange County plans to tackle the growing affordable housing problem by allotting $5 million through INVEST.

The County will provide incentives to encourage the development of affordable housing and requires some of those units to be set-aside for homeless families ready to enter the housing market. The goal will be to accelerate the availability of affordable rental housing for Orange County and increase access to those units for families in need.


Through INVEST, Orange County Housing Initiatives will receive $5 million over the next five years to help fund the following:

  • Affordable Rental Housing project between 70 and 100 units
  • Wayne Densch Center to provide 77 units of permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals and families
  • Affordable single-family subdivision called New Horizons Project for low and very low-income households that will have a total of 56 homes


INVEST funds will be used to provide financial incentives for the construction or rehabilitation of affordable rental developments targeted to very low and low-income households.

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