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Better neighborhoods start with you


Better neighborhoods start with you.
Here are twenty ways to get started today:

  1. Organize a neighborhood cleanup drive.
  2. Help enforce community codes by calling 311.
  3. Find the money you need to improve your neighborhood.
  4. Recognize great yards and landscapes.
  5. Report graffiti by calling 311.
  6. Help care for a neighborhood lake.
  7. Fertilize your lawn responsibly.
  8. Sponsor environmental and energy efficiency workshops for kids and adults call (407) 836-1400.
  9. Lend a hand as a community volunteer.
  10. Visit our Exploration Gardens and learn about native plants, pollinators and appropriate plants for the landscape, call (407) 254-9200.
  11. Help keep your neighborhood highway litter free call (407) 836-7739.
  12. Find funds for new streetlights, wall construction, and common area maintenance call (407) 836-5770.
  13. Seniors get a grant to make minor home improvements call (407) 836-5181.
  14. Repair code violations and unsafe conditions in your home call (407) 836-5181.
  15. See if you qualify for a free residential irrigation inspection, call (407) 254-9850.
  16. Properly manage household hazardous waste, large items and yard waste.
  17. Weatherize your home to help reduce a high energy burden - call (407) 836-7422.
  18. Recycle items at home or in the community.

We look forward to working with your neighborhood group. Give us a call to schedule an informative presentation by one of our experts.

Find more ideas in our Clean & Attractive Neighborhoods Brochure.

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