Development Review Committee (DRC)


The Board of County Commissioners approved the “Zoning in Progress” Ordinance on May 21, 2024, with an effective date of May 28th, in anticipation of Vision 2050 & Orange Code ( adoption which is anticipated to occur September/October timeframe. Vision 2050 / Orange Code will change the Future Land Use and Zoning maps for most of the County.

The “Zoning in Progress” Ordinance suspends the acceptance of new applications for rezoning (Planned Development and conventional rezoning requests), Future Land Use Map Amendments, and Special Exceptions (processed through the Zoning Division). The “Zoning in Progress” Ordinance is set to expire after 6 months from the effective date unless earlier repealed or extended. If a rezoning or Future Land Use Map amendment is still needed after Vision 2050 / Orange Code adoption, applications can be submitted at that time and after the “Zoning in Progress” Ordinance expires or is repealed.

Therefore, at this time, the Orange County Planning Division will not accept new applications for rezoning (new Planned Developments or conventional zonings) or Future Land Use Map amendments unless you are in the Master Planned Communities of Horizon West, Avalon Park, Innovation Way, or the I-Drive District. Planned Development Change Determination applications can still be submitted for existing PD’s.

Committee Purpose

The Development Review Committee (DRC) reviews land use plans, preliminary subdivision plans, development plans, septic tank variances, and various appeals. Regularly-scheduled meetings are held on two Wednesdays of each month. A current DRC agenda will be available on-line on the county calendar each Friday preceding the DRC meeting.

Meetings/Meeting Results

  • Development Review Committee meeting results are attached to original meeting notices in County Calendar.

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