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Air Construction Permit


  1. Determine if the facility/air emissions source is exempt from the requirement to have an air operating permit by checking the list of exemptions in (62-4.040, Florida Administrative Code). Orange County Environmental Protection Division air permitting staff can also assist in determining if a particular exemption may apply (see contact information below).
  2. Determine if the facility/air emissions source meets the requirements to operate under a General Permit in accordance with rules 62-4.510 through .540, Florida Administrative Code. The list of facilities/emission sources that may qualify for a General Permit are listed in (62-210.310(4) and (5), Florida Administrative Code) . Facility owner and operators may request permission to operate under a General Permit by submitting the appropriate (Air Permit General Registration Form) and fee to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Air Resources Management (DARM), 2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 5500, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400. Questions regarding General Permits can be sent to DARM via (e-mail) or they can be reached at (850) 717-9000. Emission sources eligible to operate under a General Permit do not require a separate air construction permit.
  3. In most cases, construction permits associated with emission sources subject to New Source Review (NSR) and Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) are issued by DARM. Examples of such facilities include the following: bioenergy plants; power plants; waste-to-energy facilities, landfills with gas to energy projects, and recycling facilities; cement plants; and phosphate and related industry facilities. The application process is similar to that for a Title V facility discussed below.
  4. If a permitting exemption or a General Permit does not apply or the emission source is not subject to NSR or PSD requirements or modifications to the emission source are planned, complete and submit the appropriate application for an air construction permit. Applications forms are available in Microsoft Word, .pdf, and electronic file formats.
    1. For Title V air emission sources complete Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Form 62-210.900(1) – Application for Air Permit – Long Form. For Non Title V sources complete DEP Form 62-210.900(3) – Application for Air Permit Non Title V Source.
    2. Electronic permit application forms can be submitted on-line using the DEP Electronic Permitting Submittal and Processing System (EPSAP), which is available via the hyperlink above. The DEP encourages air permit applications to be submitted electronically using DARM’s permit application software. The electronic application is designed to save work for the applicant while helping the DEP maintain an accurate database of permitted facilities. For example, rather than entering all the of information required on the form, applicants may import information currently stored in the DEP’s Air Resources Management (ARMS) database into the electronic product and simply correct any inaccuracies that are found. Electronic permit application forms can be submitted on-line using the DEP Electronic Permitting Submittal and Processing System (EPSAP), which is available via the hyperlink above.
    3. Hard copies of permit applications can be mailed or hand carried to: Orange County Environmental Protection Division (EPD), Suite 4, 800 Mercy Drive, Orlando, FL 32808. Please provide 4 copies of permit applications submitted via mail or hand carried in accordance with DEP regulations.
    4. Questions concerning the permit application process can be directed via e-mail to the Air Permitting Professional Engineer, or via phone at (407) 836-1443. Alternate phone numbers for air permitting issues include (407) 836-1524 and (407) 836-1419.
  5. Applications are reviewed for compliance with DEP regulations and (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency laws and regulations) by the Orange County Air Permitting Staff.
  6. Permit application processing fees, where applicable, are due when the permit is submitted. Checks made out to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners may be mailed to or dropped off at the EPD address noted above or may be paid to the cashier at the Orange County Government Administration Center located at 201 S. Rosalind Avenue, Orlando.
  7. The air construction permit is issued to the property owner or applicant.
  8. The expiration date for the permit is indicated on the permit and will generally coincide with the timeframe for expected completion of construction related activities.
  9. Facilities that were subject to a construction permit, must separately apply for an appropriate air operating permit in order to continue to operate once construction is completed. See Air Operating Permits link for additional information.


  • Title V facilities do not pay permit application fees, including for construction permits unless the application is for the initial construction. Instead, they pay annual fees (see Air Operating Permits for more information).
  • For Non Title V facilities, see (62-4.050(4), Florida Administrative Code) for applicable fees.

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Alternate numbers: (407) 836-1524 or (407) 836-1419