Maintenance Of Traffic

A plan is required for work in the right of way

Plan Required For
Right Of Way Work

An approved Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan shall be required any time work is being performed within the Orange County Right of Way regardless whether a permit is required or not. A MOT plan shall conform to the latest edition of the FDOT Design Standards 600 series and The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). A copy of the MOT plan shall be kept on site at all times. The MOT plan is valid for the duration of the approved time period or completion of the project, whichever comes first. The contractor shall have the responsibility of the setup and removal of all MOT devices when required.

The approval of an MOT plan requires a minimum of five working days from the time of receipt of all required plans and follows the process stated below. Additional time may be required for more complex plans or plans requiring additional coordination.

MOT Plans Shall Include

  • The maintenance of traffic submittal form and three copies of the required Traffic Control Plan and one project location map with date and duration of the project. Underground work will require one set of plans showing depth and location of utilities.
  • An applicable FDOT Design Standard Index from the current 600 series, which represents the roadway on which the work is being performed that is appropriate for the work activity.
  • A sketch for all non-typical conditions, which include taper lengths, lane shifts lengths, lane width, sign spacing, barricade or cone spacing, pavement markings, removal of pavement markings, signal locations.
  • The indexes shall include the name of the roadways they represent, and a north arrow.
  • The FDOT Standards has notes in small print included on them, when sending these indexes make sure the notes are legible.
  • A current FDOT approved certification will be required for the person responsible for the setup and maintenance of the approved traffic control plan. The certification card shall contain the name, certificate number, course category (intermediate: BT-05-0078 or Advance: BT-05-0079), and certificate expiration date. An Intermediate Level Certification will be required for the FDOT Design Standards 600 series. An Advanced Level Certification Card will be required for all non-typical condition MOT plans and road closures that will be submitted.
  • The MOT submittals must cover all phases of construction.
  • A police officer will be required for all nighttime work activities that require lane or road closures.

Additional Requirements For Closure of Road To Thru Traffic

  • Three copies of the detour plan shall be submitted on a scaled plan size sheet and include: the detour route and all streets, signs shall be placed and referenced with the appropriate location and numbers per the FDOT 600 index, plans will be signed and sealed by a registered engineer who is experienced in traffic engineering.
  • Once the detour plan has been approved, the applicant may then start the 7-day notice process.
  • Message boards shall be placed 7 days before the closure at locations specified on the approved detour plan.
  • Applicant shall place in the local newspaper, 7 days in advance a legal notice notifying the public of location and time of approved road closure.
  • Applicant shall be responsible for notifying all emergency response agencies, ambulance services, fire dept., police authorities, school transportation dept., impacted business and citizens. Orange County Traffic Engineering will be copied.
  • Upon verifying notification procedures the applicant may proceed with the approved detour plans.

Sample Application

The actual application must currently be made in person at Public Works. We have provided a sample application for use as a guideline.

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