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This page explains the basic requirements for submitting a permit application for new residential accessory building construction. This page provides links to guides and other resources to assist customers with the online permitting process.

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How to Apply

Please submit all required plans and documentation as part of your permit application using Orange County’s Fast Track Online Services permitting portal. Before you get started, please refer to the One-Stop Permitting Guide for information about the application process, review the Residential Plan Review Checklist and visit the Fast Track Training Hub and download the User Guide.

Fast Track Online Permitting Services

New Residential Accessory Building Permit


A detached structure that is accessory to and incidental to that of the dwelling(s) and that is located on the same lot.

Example of accessory structures include: garage, shed, carport, pergola, gazebo, deck, playhouse, etc. 

Minimum Submission Requirements for Residential Accessory Building New Construction.  


  1. Site plan or Survey showing the location of the proposed structure. For questions on the requirements for a site plan/plot plan/survey, contact zoning at or call 407-836-3111. 
  2. Lot Grading/Drainage Plan and finished floor elevation. For questions on the requirements for a lot grading/drainage plan, contact developmental engineering by calling 407-836-3111. 
  3. Construction Plans prepared by an Florida Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect in accordance with the most current Residential Florida Building Code. 
    • All documents shall be properly signed, dated and sealed for the required method of submittal. 
  4. Construction Documents 
  5. When applicable
    • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing layouts.
    • Energy calculations.
  6. When applicable, Truss engineering prepared by a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect are required and must be submitted as part of the initial plan review. 
    • All documents shall be properly signed, dated and sealed for the required method of submittal.
    • A truss layout provided by the truss manufacturer is required to be submitted. This layout is not required to be signed and sealed but must match the roof framing plans provided by the design professional of record.
  7. A Completed Orange County Product Approval Specification Sheet. 
    • Note: Approved installation details and screen shots for all products listed below are NO LONGER required to be submitted for plan review. However, you are required to have the approved installation details on the jobsite for inspection. Failure to do so will result in a failed inspection. If the applicant chooses to submit the installation details and instructions with the screen prints, the documents will be stamped as a part of your approved plan set reducing the risk of a failed inspection for not having the required documents available onsite for inspection. 


A building permit is required for all structures. However, pursuant to Orange County Ordinance 2020-40 section 9-33 subsection 105.2.4(8) a Building Department review of the structure for code compliance and engineered plans are not required If the proposed structure is: 

  • A one-story detached, freestanding, accessory structure to a one or two family dwelling.
  • Has a footprint no greater than 120sf .
  • Does not include: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and/or fuel/gas (Not allowed).
  • The use of the structure is a: 
    • tool shed 
    • storage shed 
    • pergola 
    • deck
    • gazebo 
    • playhouse 
    • and/or attached/detached accessibility ramp


Some manufacturers have obtained approval for their pre-manufactured structures through the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) approved manufactured (Modular) building program. (Note: Contact your sales representative to obtain the required documentation or the search criteria necessary for you to obtain them on your own following the steps below:

Submittal requirements for permitting DBPR approved structures are as follows: 

  1. A copy of the DBPR manufactures approval letter. (Using the weblink
    • select "Find Organization".
    • next to "Organization Type" enter "Manufacturer".
    • Use the drop down next to "Organization Name" to search for the applicable manufacturers name. 
    • Using the drop down to the right of "Organization Status" select "Approved". 
    • Press the "Search" button. 
    • Under "Search Results - Organizations" verify the "Valid Dates" are current and the "Status" shows "Approved". Double click on the manufacturers name underlined in blue.
    • Scroll down to the "Approval Certification" section at the bottom of the page then select and print the most current certificate.
  2. A screen print of the DBPR Manufactured (Modular) Building Data Sheet showing (Using the link above, This can be taken from the DBPR website).
  3. A copy of the required 3rd party Engineers letter (This is typically part of the state approved plans found on the DBPR website).
  4. A copy of the State DBPR approved Manufactured (Modular) building plans. (Plans are available on the DBPR website. State approved plan pages will always include a code review stamp. Plan that do not include the code review stamp are not part of the state approved plans.) 
  5. Construction Plans, specifically a site specific foundation or tie-down plan, prepared by a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer or Register Architect in accordance with the most current Residential Florida Building Code is required for all State approved modular buildings. The required site specific foundation plan is not included as part of the state approved plans
    • All documents shall be properly signed, dated and sealed for the required method of submittal.


Inspection Requirements

Inspections are required for all permits. For additional information, refer to the inspection record provided upon permit issuance for a list of inspection types that may be required for your project.  For additional questions, please contact 407-836-5550 and request to speak to a Building Inspections Team Member. Use Fast Track to schedule and manage inspections online. To learn more, please visit the Fast Track Video Resources

A passed "290 Final Inspection" is required in order for the permit status to change to complete. Failure to schedule and pass a Final Inspection within the allowed time will result in the permit Expiring. Additional expense to reinstate/replace the permit and possibly updated plans and documentation may be required. 

Permit Issuance

A licensed contractor will be required to accept permit issuance. An owner-builder may act as Contractor under Exemption to F.S. 489.103(7)(a).

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For questions, contact the Division of Building Safety:

Phone: (407) 836-5550.