Utilities Permitting Fees

Capital charges

Capital Charges

Capital charges are assessed on all connections to the Orange County Utilities water distribution and wastewater collection systems in accordance with Chapter 37 of the Orange County Code.

There is currently no capital charge for new connections to the Orange County Utilities reclaimed water distribution system.

Fee Changes Effective February 1, 2019

Plan Review Fees

For plans submitted directly to Division of Building Safety...

  • Commercial site work and vertical construction plans, $285.
  • Interior alterations, $57.

For plans submitted directly to Public Works Development Engineering...

  • Engineering projects, $318.
  • Subdivisions, $10 per lot.

For plans submitted directly to Utilities Development Engineering...

  • Master Utility Plan (MUP), $675.
  • Plans for sites in Orange County Utilities' service area (but outside Orange County's permitting jurisdiction):
    • Subdivisions, $10 per lot.
    • Site work, $318.
    • Vertical construction, $318.
    • Interior alterations, $57.

Inspection Fees

Inspection fees shall be 2.4% of construction cost. A signed and sealed engineer's detailed cost estimate must be submitted for projects costing more than $5,000. Minimum inspection fee is $120.

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