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The 9.5 mile Richard Crotty Parkway was originally identified as a future transportation need in a 1998 study called the East Orange County Transportation Needs Study.

In 2001 Orange County commissioned a detailed roadway study for a portion of the newly identified road. The resulting East-West Road Roadway Conceptual Analysis (RCA) Study analyzed “East-West” road alignment alternatives for 4.7 miles of the proposed roadway between Semoran Boulevard and Dean Road. The road’s name was changed from the East-West Road to Richard Crotty Parkway by the Board of County Commissioners on December 14, 2010.

The Richard Crotty Parkway will consist of a new four-lane divided urban roadway with sidewalks and bicycle lanes on both sides. As a matter of design and construction ease the County initially divided the recommended RCA road alignment into two production segments; Segment 1 – Semoran Boulevard (S.R. 436) to Harrell Road and Segment 2 – Harrell Road to Dean Road. Segment 1 has been further divided into two sub-segments. Segment 1A runs from S.R. 436 to Goldenrod Road, while Segment 1B runs from Goldenrod Road to Harrell Road.

Both road segments started design in 2004. Right-of-way acquisition for these roadway segments was initiated but slowed considerably during the Great Recession.

During the 2015 State of the County Address Mayor Jacob’s announced a new initiative, Invest in Our Homes for Life, which provides $300 Million for Infrastructure, New public safety facilities, Vibrant neighborhoods and affordable family housing, Enhanced recreation opportunities, Safety improvements for pedestrians, and Transportation connectivity throughout Orange County. The Invest initiative has accelerated Segment 1A (S.R. 436 to Goldenrod Road) with funding to complete right-of-way acquisition and construction.

Segment 1 includes the construction of a new bridge over the Crane Strand and Segment 2 includes the widening of the existing bridge over S.R. 417. Stormwater Management for both sections will be provided by wet detention facilities.


Richard Crotty Parkway is being designed and constructed to provide a third east-west route for the eastern portion of Orange County. The new roadway is designed to ease congestion and improve the level of service on State Road 50 (Colonial Drive) and University Boulevard, the two existing major east-west roadways in eastern Orange County.


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