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Kennedy Boulevard

Forest City Road, Wymore Road, and Lake Destiny Road

The Update

The Kennedy Boulevard RCA Study is a conceptual plan to add lanes to the existing two-lane section of Kennedy Boulevard between Forest City Road and Wymore Road. Another part of the plan is to determine the impacts resulting from the realignment of Lake Destiny Road.


Widening existing Kennedy Blvd from 2 to 4 lanes Kennedy Blvd West- from Forest City Road to 1360' East of Davar Avenue Kennedy Blvd East - From 1360' East of Davar Avenue to Wymore Road.


This roadway widening will provide additional capacity. Pedestrian safety will also be improved with the addition of sidewalks and bike lanes.

Short Term

Short-term improvements, such as intersection improvements and signalization and the coordination of the traffic signals, will also be considered.

Let's Talk

During this study, several public meetings were held to gain input from concerned citizens, residents and environmental agencies. Also, newsletters were mailed to property owners along the study corridor and others that requested to be added to the mailing list.

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