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Oak Ridge Road

Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Study

What is the Oak Ridge Road Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Study?

The Oak Ridge Road corridor has been identified as a roadway with a significant number of pedestrian and bicycle crashes. In addition, there are a variety of land uses along the corridor including multiple schools, residential, retail, and office land uses, as well as heavily used transit routes, which necessitate that the corridor be truly multi-modal. The Oak Ridge Road Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Study is a comprehensive review of the Oak Ridge Road corridor conducted to provide a safe integration of the both walking and riding bicycles with other modes of transportation.

What are the project limits?

The study is focused on the roadway limits of Oak Ridge Road from Millenia Boulevard to Orange Blossom Trail (US 441), which is approximately 3.0 miles.

What does the study entail?

The study shall include the collection of traffic data and public input, an analysis of the data collected with the introduction of transportation safety countermeasures and enhancements, and documentation of the cost and schedule of the recommended improvements in a study report. Ultimately, the study report will include concept drawings which can be used as the basis to begin the design phase of the project.

Public Involvement

As part of this study, District 6 Commissioner Victoria Siplin and Orange County staff will host two community workshops. Meeting notices will be mailed to property owners and stakeholders in advance.

The purpose of the first workshop was to present the findings of the data collection and the evaluation of challenges and to engage the public to obtain their feedback on strategies for viable pedestrian safety countermeasures.

Community Workshop 1
Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 6:30 PM
Sadler Elementary School
4000 W. Oak Ridge Road
Orlando, Florida 32809

The second workshop will be to present Safety Improvement Plan Alternatives and obtain public feedback on Plan Alternatives and recommendations.

Community Workshop 2
Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 6:00 PM
Sadler Elementary School
4000 W. Oak Ridge Road
Orlando, Florida 32809

The Public Involvement Plan can be read in its entirety in the “At A Glance” section to the left.

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