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Reams Road

Taborfield Avenue to Delmar Avenue

Construction Update

Construction activities are underway for the above project. Temporary traffic pattern modifications are expected and may include lane closures, nighttime and weekend work. Variable message boards have been added to the construction project and will provide updated information for specific construction activity dates.

The contractor (Gibbs and Register) will work the week of Friday June 1st through Monday June 11th 2018 in order to reconstruct and pave Gray Rock Tr.

In order to complete the above tasks, the contractor has requested to close Grey Rock Trail for this period of time. A detour plan has been provided and approved by Traffic Engineering. This detour plan is as follows:

In addition, in order to remove the 24 inch water main on Reams Road at the entrance of Grey Rock Trail, the contractor intends to work around the clock the weekend of June 8th to June 11th. This will require a slight traffic switch at this location in order to perform the operation in two shifts. There should be no restriction on number of lanes open.

Lastly, the contractor needs to perform a ‘force main deflection’ on Reams Road and will set up a traffic shift and work 24-hours a day. This work is planned for the weekend of Friday June 22nd to Monday June 25th 2018.

Please note that Orange County and the contractor are working diligently to reduce the impacts these construction activities may have on your community.

For any additional information, please contact the Highway Construction Office at 407-836-7930 or James Montalvo from Orange County Utilities at 407-254-9793.


Reams Road is being widened from two to four lanes from Taborfield Avenue to Delmar Avenue for a length of 0.6 miles. The improvements include two 11’ travel lanes in each direction, a 15’ raised grassed median, a closed drainage system with stormwater treatment ponds, a 5’ concrete sidewalk on the south side of the road and a 10’ concrete multipurpose path on the north side of the road. Roadway lighting will be installed by Duke Energy following the construction completion of this project.


The project will increase capacity; Reams Road is currently a two-lane facility with housing and commercial development currently flourishing in the surrounding areas.

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