Living in a bear management area

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Headline 5: Bear Cart Program Launches, Residents Encouraged to Order While Supplies Last

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photo of a bear cart

Orange County Welcomes Bear Cart Program

Bears are drawn to neighborhoods when food sources, like garbage and animal feed, are easy to find. Using a bear-resistant roll cart helps discourage bears from making regular visits to neighborhoods.

For a limited time, based on grant funding availability from the Florida Wildlife Commission (, Orange County Solid Waste residential customers may be eligible to upgrade their existing garbage containers to the discounted and approved bear-resistant roll carts.

To be eligible for the bear-resistant roll cart the applicant must be an Orange County Solid Waste residential curbside customer and provide proof of residence within the designated Bear Management Area.


a map highlighting a bear management area

Bear Wise

Check to see if you live in the Bear Management Area of unincorporated Orange County and if eligible, apply TODAY!

Bear-Resistant Roll Cart Costs

Orange County changed its code in November 2016 to qualify for state grant money to reduce the cost of each cart from $245 so that customers pay a $50 processing fee.

How To Keep Bears Away


For more information about the bear-resistant roll cart program, email or call 407-836-6601.