For the latest storm information, visit or dial 311 (407-836-3111).

The following information will help families prepare for a storm and cope with the aftermath.

Follow local and social media—including Orange TV (OTV), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and OCFL Alert—for the latest advisories and special instructions from Orange County Government.


Update account contact information as needed to receive important communications about Orange County Utilities services.


Routinely trim trees and remove dead branches to reduce debris and potential hazards. Please follow these guidelines to ensure collection:

  • Yard waste collection is limited to three cubic yards per household per week.
  • Place yard waste away from meters or utility boxes to avoid blocking service and maintenance access.
  • Use plastic bags or waterproof cans with tight-fitting lids and handles on the sides for collection. Cans and bags must be 50 gallons or less and weigh less than 60 pounds each when full.
  • Bundle limbs, palm fronds, and similar items into lengths of three feet or less then securely tie with string or twine. Limit each bundle to less than 60 pounds.
  • Cut stumps into three foot lengths weighing less than 60 pounds each.
  • Do not mix yard waste with garbage, recyclables, or large items.


Remove any outdoor items (such as empty roll carts, patio furniture, and outdoor grills) that may become projectiles due to high winds. If curbside collection services have to be halted for safety reasons, please move roll carts and any materials at the curb back into the house or a secure location.


Prepare a minimum of one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days. Video – Hurricane Preparedness: Water Storage | Spanish

Sanitize bottles/containers and fill with tap water for drinking and cooking. Plastic bottles are recommended. Do not use bottles/containers that have held toxic substances.



Household garbage collection is a priority, and regularly scheduled collection services will begin as soon as possible after the storm. Please follow the normal guidelines for residential curbside collection services. There may be some collection delays due to the large volume of household garbage and yard waste generated by the storm. Yard waste may be collected in limited quantities until the volume is reduced throughout the affected area.

Customers in unincorporated Orange County can call the Orange County Utilities Solid Waste Hotline at 407-836-6601 for more information.

Storm debris that does not meet the curbside yard waste collection guidelines will not be collected by the residential curbside collection service.


If your water service is disrupted, listen for instructions from Orange County Government on possible water disinfection requirements prior to using it for drinking, cooking, making ice, brushing teeth, or washing dishes. If directed to disinfect water, follow the directions below and continue until Orange County announces the water system is cleared (at least 48 hours) and safe to drink.

    Disinfecting Water After the Storm (only if advised)

    • Strain water through a clean cloth into a container to remove any sediment or floating matter. If water is clear, omit this step.
    • Use 10 drops of regular unscented 5.25% household bleach (see label) per gallon of water. Let this solution stand for 30 minutes.
    • After 30 minutes, there should be a slight chlorine odor; if not, repeat the process above and let stand for 15 minutes before using the water.

    Disinfecting Water by Heating (Boiling)

    • Strain water through a clean cloth into a container to remove any sediment or floating matter. If water is clear, omit this step.
    • Boil water VIGOROUSLY (rolling boil) for at least ONE FULL MINUTE.
    • To improve the taste, add a pinch of salt to each quart of boiled water or pour it back and forth from one clean container to another several times.

In areas where water systems are out, water tanker locations will be announced immediately after the storm passes.


During severe storm activity, widespread power outages may disable wastewater lift stations. If the power to a lift station is interrupted, sewer backups can result, which may cause overflows into streets and homes. During a severe storm, utility staff may not be able to respond to emergencies until winds have subsided to a safe level.

Especially in areas where the power is out, customers should minimize water use and postpone showering, clothes washing, and dish washing activities. Customer assistance through these actions will reduce the volume of wastewater entering pump stations, which will allow crews to more effectively complete their emergency operations activities and minimize sewer backups and overflows.

Even though the power in your neighborhood is restored, the power to a lift station may still be interrupted. To find out whether or not sewer service has been restored, please call Orange County Utilities Emergency Dispatch at 407-836-2777.

If aware or notified of severe flooding or damaged sewer lines, limit the use of water in the house to essential uses.

If plumbing fails, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests having the following items on hand to make an emergency toilet, if necessary, as a sanitary alternative: small empty can with tight lid, plastic bags for liners, disinfectant or bleach, and deodorizer.


Restoring wastewater service is a first priority, followed afterwards by reclaimed water pressure.

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