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Orange County wants to help you learn about habits that can help keep our homes, community, and environment clean, safe, and healthy, while often saving money at the same time.

buy local

Shopping at local businesses supports our local economy and generates less pollution. Local products travel shorter distances to reach you and thereby generates much less pollution in their transportation to market.

Learn more about local food options, such as shopping farmers markets, from the Local Harvest Organization.

Conserve energy and water

You can easily reduce energy and water use while improving the comfort and efficiency in your home. Learn more about how to save and take part in free services, rebates and incentives.

keep a safe and healthy home

Using sustainable products and services in your home not only minimizes impact on the environment, it is also better for the health of humans and animals.

Visit Greener Choices website for eco-living information.

reduce waste

You can help Orange County save landfill space and preserve resources for future generations:

maintain a florida friendly yard

help keep our streets and stormwater pollution free

We all live within a “watershed.” Watersheds naturally direct water flow from yards, roads, businesses, ponds, lakes, streams, etc. toward a main surface water body, such as lake or river.

  • Fertilize responsibly: It’s the law! Use fertilizer without phosphorous. Only homeowners who have annually completed the online educational program and pass the quiz may apply fertilizer to the landscape during the Orange County’s Fertilizer "Black Out" Period, June 1st to September 30th.

Only rain should go down the drain:

live with wildlife

If you live in an area that is forested or near a water body, chances are you may encounter a wild animal at some point.

rethink your ride

love the great outdoors

  • With approximately 15,000 acres of land between 100 parks and facilities and 40 miles of trails, there are plenty of places to see the great outdoors. See a map of Orange County Parks Trails, and Boat Ramps.
  • Orange County’s Green PLACE more than 21,000 acres of natural lands, many of which are open for your enjoyment.

make smart purchases

We can lessen the environmental impact of our product purchases by choosing ones that are safer and cleaner for our environment.

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