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OrangeConnects is a free online navigation platform that connects you with providers who can help.  It works by asking a short list of questions about your thoughts and feelings, and then matches you to a list of providers who specialize in supporting those needs. 

Who is this for?

A therapist counseling a patient

Orange Connects is for any resident experiencing difficulties and can help with:

  • Sadness 
  • Feeling anxious or stressed
  • Not eating or sleeping
  • Inability to focus
  • Scary thoughts or dreams
  • Problems with a child's behavior
  • Feeling angry
  • Using drugs or alcohol too much
  • Difficulty paying attention 
  • Difficulty getting things done
  • Feeling that you don't want to live any longer
  • needing support related to your gender or sexuality
  • Anything else that is bothering you

After you answer the questions, Orange Connects will display a list of agencies that have providers who specialize in addressing your needs. You can look at the different agency profiles, and you can learn more about what each one offers.  You’ll then be able to pick the agency or agencies that offer services in your language, fit with your insurance and that take place in the setting you are interested in. All of your answers are private and no one will know your answers except for the providers you choose for a referral.

Orange Connects is for non-emergency services only. If you are in a crisis and need help now, please call 211 to speak with a crisis counselor or 800.799.7233 to speak with a domestic violence advocate

You are not alone and it is OK to ask for help!  We want our community to be happy and healthy, and we believe this tool can support you in this pursuit.

Try Orange Connects now.

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Mental Health and Homelessness Division
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