Youth and Family Services Division

Prevention and Intervention Programs to Empower Children and Families

The Youth and Family
Services Division

Youth and Family Services provides a safety net for local children and families in various states of crisis. Through a collaborative network of programs, resources and services, this division of the Community and Family Services Department seeks to create empowered and resilient children and families throughout Orange County.

Our network includes residential foster care group homes, a youth shelter, family counseling programs, parent education programs, juvenile probation services, family stabilization resources and mental health counseling for youth.

The following programs are jointly funded by Orange County Government and/or the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and/or Department of Children and Families (DCF). Most programs are open to all Orange County residents.

Changing Adolescents’ Perspectives (C.A.P.)

Provides services to youth who are first-time offenders or on probation for the first time. Program goals are to deter and eliminate delinquent behavior as well as educate and empower our youth so that they flourish into productive citizens. Our core program areas are anger management, impulse control, life skills, understanding the judicial system, social media awareness and peer pressure counseling. For more information,
contact 407-836-8778.

Family Counseling

Offers counseling services for families struggling with adolescent children and teenagers, especially those who are truant, runaways or ungovernable. For more information, contact 407-254-9370.

Family Preservation & Stabilization

A voluntary, in-home family intervention service for families whose children are at risk of removal due to abuse or neglect. This program only accepts referrals from the Florida Department of Children and Families. For more information, contact 407-836-9529.

Great Oaks Village

A residential foster care group home for children 6-18, who have been removed from their homes by the State of Florida due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. The facility is comprised of five cottages. Children receive educational, recreational, medical and counseling services. One of our cottages is a Welcome Center for children 0-17 years of age who will reside with us for up to 23-hours until a more permanent placement can be made. For more information, contact 407-836-7665.

Oaks Community Intervention Program

Provides intensive community-based supervision, counseling and support for youth recently placed on probation. For more information,
contact 407-836-8761.

Parenting Support
Squad (P.S.S.)

A prevention and intervention program aimed at assisting teens, parents, and families in the Orange County community. Services are aimed to promote the education, support and resources for youth in regards to teen pregnancy and parenting education in our community. For more information, contact 407-257-1556.

SNAP- Stop Now and Plan

An evidence-based cognitive behavioral model that helps children ages 6-11 who are experiencing behavioral issues, learn how to effectively manage their emotions and keep challenges small. In addition, there is a parent component that meets concurrently with the children’s group to learn effective child management and SNAP® strategies. The primary goal of SNAP® is to help our children stop and think before they act, keep them in school and out of trouble. For more information, contact 407-254-9385.

SNAP for Youth

SNAP® for Youth is an evidence-based program for youth ages 12-17 who are experiencing challenges with emotional-regulation, problem solving and self-control. The program is designed to engage youth using an interactive technology and scenario-based platform to build on the SNAP® approach by working with youth to further enhance their emotional regulation, self-control and problem-solving skills, and to build effective supports. For more information, contact 407-254-9385.

Youth Shelter

Provides temporary housing for youth experiencing a variety of challenges. Youth residing at the shelter may be homeless, runaways, lockouts, ungovernable, or their parents may be seeking a cooling off period during a family crisis. For more information, contact 407-836-7626.

Juvenile Assessment Center

A centralized processing center for youth taken into custody by law enforcement for an alleged delinquent act. The Assessment Center’s functions include detainable and non-detainable screening: health, mental health, substance abuse, physical health and suicide screening. For more information, contact 407-836-8824.

Volunteer opportunities

Citizens are welcome to become a mentor to children living in a foster group home. Internships are also available in our YFS programs at a bachelor or master’s level. To find out how you can become a volunteer or intern call the Community Relations Coordinator at 407-836-8938.

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