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PulsePoint Respond

PulsePoint Respond is a mobile app that supports first-responding agencies like Orange County Fire Rescue. The app notifies CPR-trained citizens that an individual in a public area is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest and that they may be in a position to perform CPR until the arrival of emergency crews.

PulsePoint Respond notifies users through their mobile device which comes in the form of a push notification. The push notification is only sent by 911 operators, who simultaneously dispatch first responders. The notification targets potential citizen rescuers that are identified as being within walking distance of the event.

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PulsePoint AED

PulsePoint AED is an application that directs users to the closest publicly-accessible AED. The app enables users to upload the location of the AED, which is then verified, and becomes available to all users during an emergency.

Today’s AEDs are very user friendly, with many designed to provide clear verbal step-by-step instructions to the user. Research shows that administering CPR and using an AED when someone is in sudden cardiac arrest can greatly increase their chance of survival.

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