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Division of
Building Safety

Permit and Inspection Utilization Report

In compliance with Florida Statute FS553.80, Orange County Division of Building Safety has prepared the Building Permit and Inspection Utilization Report.

The following information is based on the latest audited financial statements and reports generated internally from the AMANDA system used by the Division of Building Safety for the County’s Fiscal Year 2021 (October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021). All information is believed to be correct at the time of publication.

(1) Direct and Indirect Costs

Section Item Total
(a) Personal Services costs, including salary and related employees’ benefits costs incurred by the local government to enforce the Florida Building Code $14,637,091
(b) Operating expenditures and expenses $6,036,258

(2) Permit and Inspection Utilization Information

Section Item Total
(a) Number of building permit applications submitted 87,913
(b) Number of building permits issued or approved 85,143
(c) Number of building inspections and reinspections requested 319,682
(d) Number of building inspections and reinspections conducted 292,950
(e) Private Provider inspection notifications   4,947
(f) Private Provider audits conducted 7
(g) The number of personnel dedicated by the local government to enforce the Florida Building Code, issue building permits, and conduct inspections (based on the payroll of September 30, 2021) 160
(h) Other Permissible activities for enforcing the Florida Building Code as described in subparagraph (a)1 -0-

(3) Revenue Information

Section Item Total
(a) Revenue derived from fees pursuant to paragraph (a) $26,340,294
(b) Revenue derived from fines pursuant to paragraph (a) $47,766
(c) Investment earnings of revenue derived from the local government’s Investment of fees and fines pursuant to paragraph (a) ($70,921)
(d) Balances carried forward by the local government pursuant to paragraph (a)
  • The FY 2021 Reserve budget totaled $32.7M with $8.4M allocated to Reserve for Reserves for Contingency
(e) Balances refunded by the local government pursuant to paragraph (a)
  • Fee Reductions by the local Government
(f) Revenue derived from other sources, including local government general revenue $129,329

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