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This page explains the basic requirements for submitting a permit application for residential demolition. This page provides links to guides and other resources to assist customers with the online permitting process.

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How to Apply

Demolition permits are not currently available on Orange County’s Fast Track Online Services permitting portal. In an effort to provide demolition permitting services remotely, the following process has been developed.

In order to use this process, applicants are required to have an Orange County Fast Track account. If you do not currently have an Orange County FastTrack account, please view the Registration Instructions

Once you have established a FastTrack account you may email the following required permitting documents for processing to

Fast Track Online Permitting Services

Residential Demolition Permitting Information

Minimum Documentation Requirements:

  1. The front page of the Application for Building/Land Use Permit completely filled out and signed. On the ‘Nature of Proposed Improvement’ field of the application:
    1. Identify the project as a demolition and indicate the type of structure to be demolished.
    2. Include the height and square footage of the structure
    3. If this is a court ordered demos, proper documentation will be required.
  2. The back of the Application for Building/Land Use Permit (also referred to as "page two") is required to be submitted only when the value of the demolition exceeds $2,500. If required, this form must be completely filled out signed and notarized.
  3. Homeowners who choose to obtain a demolition permit as an owner‐builder must also submit a signed Owner‐Builder Disclosure Statement. Additional verification of ownership will be required via “Cisco WebEx Meetings” (Video meeting) and my not be available for use in all cases.
  4. Site plan or Survey or an aerial photo of the property noting the structure to be demolished. For questions on the requirements for a site plan/plot plan/survey, contact zoning at or call 407-836-3111. 
  5. When applicable, a letter of service disconnect from the electrical utility providing service to the structure. For example: 
    1. A Single Family Residence with an electric meter will require a letter of service disconnect. 
    2. A free standing garage/structure with an electric meter attached will require a letter of service disconnect from the utility
    3. Demolitions requiring electrical wiring to be disconnected from a structure without the removal of an electrical meter require a signed and notarized disconnect letter from a Florida Licensed Electrical contractor (EC or ER). Example: Removing a swimming pool or other structures which electrical is currently installed. The contractor’s license must be registered and active with Orange County Contractor Licensing. The letter must include the contractor’s name, license number and contact information.
    4. When applicable, a letter of service disconnect from the gas utility providing service to the structure is required.

  6. If your property utilizes a septic system: Please contact the Health Department at 407‐858‐1497 for instructions on how to start the septic system demolition process, this will expedite the building review process.

    Approved Demolition Permits Applications
    If all of the required documents have been submitted and approved you will receive an email from the reviewing Plans Examiner advising you that the permit has been approved and awaiting payment on the FastTrack website. Once you have paid the permitting fee, your permit will be available for you to print from your personal printer. 

    Unapproved Demolition Permit Application
    If we did not receive all of the required documentation a deficiency letter will be emailed to you. When responding to deficiencies, please email the documents necessary to satisfy the deficiencies directly to the reviewing Plans examiner’s personal email address which will be included on the deficiency letter. In order to expedite your correction review, please include your permit number on the email subject line. The permit number can be found on the deficiency email you received.

    Additional requirements for projects in the City of Edgewood
    If the structure is in the City of Edgewood your application for Building/Land Use Permit must include the cities approval stamp. Please contact the City of Edgewood at 407-851-2920 or by email at for their permitting requirements.

    Additional requirements for projects in the Ranger Drainage District (Cape Orlando Estates, Wedgefield, Rocket City)
    If the structure is in the Ranger Drainage District you must first obtain a Ranger Drainage District permit. This permit must also be uploaded as part of your demolition permitting documents. For questions concerning permitting in the District, please call or email the district at or 407-568-5502. 

    Additional Assistance Available for Notary Services
    If a notarize document is required and the applicant is unable to physically find a notary, the State of Florida authorizes Florida notaries to perform online remote notarizations under specific conditions. Please visit Sunbiz for additional information on companies that offer these services and for notaries who are approved by the state to provide these services.

Inspection Requirements

Inspections are required for all permits. For additional information, refer to the inspection record provided upon permit issuance for a list of inspection types that may be required for your project.  For additional questions, please contact 407-836-5550 and request to speak to a Building Inspections Team Member. Use Fast Track to schedule and manage inspections online. To learn more, please visit the Fast Track Video Resources

A passed "290 Final Inspection" is required in order for the permit status to change to complete. Failure to schedule and pass a Final Inspection within the allowed time will result in the permit Expiring. Additional expense to reinstate/replace the permit and possibly updated plans and documentation may be required. 

Permit Issuance

A licensed contractor will be required to accept permit issuance. An owner-builder may act as Contractor under Exemption to F.S. 489.103(7)(a).

Contact Us

For questions, or to submit completed demolition applications contact the Division of Building Safety:
Phone: (407) 836-5500
Office: Orange County Administration Building, 201 South Rosalind Avenue, 1st Floor, Orlando 32801