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This page explains the basic requirements for submitting a permit application for tents used for commercial purposes.

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How to Apply

Please submit all required plans and documentation as part of your permit application using Orange County’s Fast Track Online Services permitting portal. Before you get started, please refer to the One-Stop Permitting Guide for information about the application process, review the Commercial Plan Review Checklist and view the Fast Track User Guide.

Fast Track Online Permitting Services

Tent Permits

Minimum Submission Requirements for Tent permits. 

  • A fully dimensioned site plan or survey showing the dimensions and location of the tent. For questions regarding the requirements for a site plan, plot plan or survey please contact the Zoning Division at or call 407-836-3111.
    • All property lines
    • Setback for each tent from all property lines
    • Total number of tents proposed
    • Size of each tent
    • Purpose of the tents (i.e. for outdoor dining, fireworks, Christmas tree sales, etc.)
    • Duration of the tent (how long will the tent be up for – up date and down date)
    • Proposed locations of the tent (or tents), with the dimensions of each tent shown.
    • Any seating that will be located under the tent (location and total number of seats)
    • Portable restroom contract or notarized letter from the property owner allowing the use of restrooms; these must be handicap accessible.
  • A completed Fast Track Tent permit application. The application online must have all required fields (*) completed to include the owners estimated value. Download application form here.
  • Notice of Commencement. Before the first inspection, a Notice of Commencement (PDF)shall be filed with the Orange County Recording Department, and a certified copy must be uploaded to Fast Track.
  • Notice: Tents over 901 square feet will require an additional review by the Fire Marshal.
  • Other permits may also be required, including but not limited to signage, temporary living quarters for a watchman, etc.

Permit Issuance

A licensed contractor will be required to accept permit issuance. An owner-builder may act as Contractor under Exemption to F.S. 489.103(7)(a).

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