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West Orange Relief
High School

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The topic of the West Orange Relief High School has been of interest to thousands of residents in District 1 and throughout Orange County. This page is focused on providing the latest information on current developments as well as resources to help clarify what can be a complex and confusing process.

    2015 Updates

    • May 5 - Following the subsequent public hearings outlined in the March 27 memo from the Orange County Attorney's office, the Board of County Commissioners approved the Settlement Agreement for the West Orange Relief High School. Orange County Public Schools now has the approvals needed to develop and construct a relief high school for west Orange County.
    • March 27 – Orange County Attorney’s office releases memo that outlines the process and next steps for the April 7, 2015 public hearing.
    • March 19 – The Notice of Public Hearing for proposed options for a Settlement Agreement between OCPS and Orange County Government was posted and scheduled for April 7, 2015 at 2:00pm.
    • March 10 – Commissioner Boyd sends a memo to Mayor Jacobs and the Board of County Commissioners reintroducing the proposal from February 27.
    • March 6 – OCPS Chairman Bill Sublette sends a memo to Mayor Jacobs submitting two settlement options for the BCC’s consideration.
    • February 27 – Commissioner Boyd sends a memo to Mayor Jacobs and the Board of County Commissioners requesting to discuss the Mediation Settlement Agreement between OCPS and Orange County Government at the April 7, 2015 BCC meeting.
    • January 22 – Judge Alice Blackwell made Final Judgment in the first of two lawsuits brought by OCPS against Orange County. A copy of the memo regarding this matter and Judgment can be found here.

    2014 Updates

    • December 22 – Judge Alice Blackwell held a one-day non-jury trial in one of the two cases brought by OCPS against Orange County Government regarding the BCC's 11/5/13 decision denying the special exception application for the West Orange Relief High School.
    • August 11 thru 14 - The group of citizens assembled at the July 10 and August 6 meetings draft a new set of proposed Conditions of Approval for the application that was mutually agreed upon and took their proposal to the remaining members of the Orange County School Board for consideration.
    • July 10 and August - Commissioner Boyd met with citizens, OCPS district representative Pam Gould, and Orange County and OCPS officials to discuss what, if any, modifications could be made to the original plan submitted by OCPS regarding the Beck site. The group discussed many of the suggestions presented at School Board Member Gould's meeting on Jan. 29, 2014.
    • April 22 – BCC votes 4-3 to reject the settlement agreement agreed upon by representatives of Orange County Government and Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) that would have allowed OCPS to present an updated special exception application to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) and the BCC at separate, advertised public hearings with the additional conditions and restrictions proposed in the settlement agreement. OCPS votes unanimously in favor of the agreement.
    • April 8 – Commissioner Boyd issues fact sheet explaining next steps of the West Orange tentative agreement process.
    • April 7 - Orange County and OCPS issue  joint press release regarding mediation discussions.
    • April 4 - Commissioner Boyd conducts noticed public meeting with staff and OCPS regarding North of Albert's site. See the North of Albert's meeting packet for additional information.
    • April 1 – Court-ordered mediation regarding Beck property with Commissioner Boyd and Bill Sublette serving as County and OCPS representatives, respectively. Meeting closed to public due to legal restrictions.
    • March 24 – MetroPlan Orlando provides letter of review and additional recommendations for site evaluations.
    • March 18 – East Central Florida Regional Planning Council (ECFRPC) provides detailed analysis of walkability and connectivity for potential relief high school sites.
    • March 12 – Commissioner Boyd issues letter to OCPS Board regarding mediation process.
    • March 11 – BCC/OCPS select mediator; BCC authorizes payment of 50% of mediation costs; Commissioner Boyd appointed as Orange County’s representative at the mediation.
    • Feb. 25 – OCPS issues proposal to prevent land purchases to construct high schools in rural settlements.
    • Feb. 20 – Commissioner Boyd issues letter to residents regarding recommendations on objective third-party input.
    • Feb. 18 – Joint Meeting held between the BCC and OCPS.

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