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Parking Tips

Look carefully for tow signs when parking:

  • Don’t assess the risk of being towed based on how full the parking lot is. Towing is based on the rules of the location, not the capacity of the parking area.
  • Don’t park in one lot and walk off the lot to go elsewhere, even if:
    • It’s just for a few minutes.
    • The business where you are parking is closed.
    • You patronized the business where you parked and now want to go somewhere else close by.
  • Look for signs in multi-tenant lots indicating that some of the spots are reserved for certain businesses.
    Don’t park in such a spot and go to other businesses even in that same shopping center.
  • Make sure you park within the designated parking lines.
  • Avoid double parking, even for a short period.
  • Don't park in a fire lane, in front of a fire hydrant, in a “no parking” zone, blocking a driveway, blocking a dumpster, blocking a loading zone, blocking the sidewalk or blocking an entrance.
  • Be aware of time restrictions on parking – minutes (sometimes seen at restaurants for pickup orders), hours, no overnight parking.
Residential Parking Tips

In single family residential areas:

  • If you are in a gated community, the roads are private and your car can be towed.
  • The community must have signage posted at every entrance. Look for that signage and understand the parking rules before parking your car.

In multi-family residential areas:

  • Know the rules (ask the people you’re visiting).
  • If you’re a prospective tenant, look for “future resident” parking.
  • Park in visitor parking.
  • Don’t park in numbered spots or spots reserved for residents.
  • Keep your vehicle registration current.
Event Parking Tips

If event parking is limited:

  • Always check with the business you are going to before parking offsite. One scam involves a situation where a special event is happening, parking onsite is limited, and a temporary sign will direct people to a nearby lot where an attendant collects a parking fee (usually $5 or $10). Once the event is underway, the attendant (who does not have the authority to use the lot) leaves the lot and the cars are towed.
  • Don’t expect a note on your windshield or dash to deter a towing company.
  • Designate a driver so you don’t end up in the predicament of leaving your car and risking being towed, or driving under the influence.

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