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Vision 2050

A 30 Year Vision

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Vision 2050 Interactive Mapping and Public Input:

Please visit to explore the V2050 maps and let us know what you think.

Florida Law requires local jurisdictions to implement comprehensive plans to manage growth and guide public investment. Since 1972 this legal framework has defined growth management and shaped development patterns throughout the state.

Best practices in planning have also changed significantly during recent decades, providing new opportunities for local policies and regulations to evolve accordingly to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Vision 2050 will substantially restructure the Orange County Comprehensive Plan, reorganizing our policies with a focus on resiliency, placemaking, affordability, context-driven planning and performance-based development. This updated roadmap will set us on a more sustainable path for the next 30 years.

Planning for Orange County's Diversity

Orange County’s environmental diversity ranges from pristine natural lands to rural, suburban and high-density urban areas. To be successful, our plan needs to embrace this diversity and leverage the potential of context-sensitive planning.

View of a vibrant forest with a creek


Aerial view of farming land with a house in the middle


Aerial view of a neighborhood displaying rows of houses


View of the Orange County Convention Center entrance


With your help, we will craft a plan that protects our environmentally sensitive lands and the rural lifestyle that is cherished by so many of our residents, while preserving and enhancing the character of our established residential neighborhoods.

By directing growth to previously urbanized areas that are located near existing or planned transit corridors, Vision 2050 seeks to promote new and intensified urban development through infill and redevelopment, with a greater mix of uses and enhanced walkability.