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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Office of Tenant Services?

The goal of the of the Office of Tenant Services is to provide information and resources for landlords and tenants facing challenges. The office also provides outreach and education for landlords and tenants.

What types of units does the Landlord/Tenant Laws (Chapter 83) apply to?

Rental units are defined as a residential housing unit that is or may be occupied by a tenant who does not own the property in exchange for consideration and by virtue of a lease agreement with the owner of the property.

What services does the Office of Tenant Services provide?

The Office of Tenant Services provides information, education and outreach, and referrals for tenants. The office does not provide any type of financial assistance.

What is a lawful source of income?

A lawful source of income is defined as:

  • A lawful profession, occupation, or job
  • Government or private assistance, grant, loan, or housing assistance program such as Section 8
  • Gift, inheritance, pension, annuity, trust income, alimony, child support
  • Sale of property or an interest in property

Is my landlord required to give me 60 days’ notice for an eviction?

No, evictions are governed by State statute and the Judicial system.

What criteria can a landlord use to screen potential tenant?

A landlord may require documentation to conduct a background check and credit check during the application process and any other documentation they the landlord requires for screening.

When is my landlord required to return the security deposit?

Chapter 83 of Florida Statutes requires that the landlord return a security deposit within 15 days of vacating the unit if there is no claim against the security deposit. If the landlord is making a claim against the security deposit, the landlord has 30 days to provide written documentation of the charges against the deposit.

What does a tenant do if the unit needs repairs (air conditioning, leaking, etc.) and the landlord is not responding?

If after contacting the landlord the repairs have not been made, the tenant has the right to contact Code Compliance to file a complaint and have an inspector come out to investigate the complaint.

What do I do if I need assistance with rental payments?

Under the tenant resources tab on the web page is a listing of agencies that provide rental assistance with the contact information provided.

How do I find affordable housing in Orange County?

Under the tenant resources tab on the web page is a listing of housing resources for you to search for affordable housing.

Can the Office of Tenant Services provide me legal advice about my situation?

The Office of Tenant Services cannot provide legal advice to clients, the office can refer you to legal services for legal advice.

How can I contact the Office of Tenant Services?

The Office of Tenant Services can be contacted by emailing the office at; by calling 407-836-RENT; or by contacting 311.